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The change in people’s, governments’ and non-governmental entities’ way of thinking and acting has made sustainability the keyword for life in society and in the corporate world. Having the development of a company also benefiting the various elements which make up its supply chain and thus help promotehuman and social evolution is a latent need in the reality we live in.

Although we are autonomous entitieswe influence and are influenced by the society we are inserted in. In this context, it would be immature to believe that a company will achieve success if the external environment walks in reverse.

In the present scenariothe integration between the company, customerssuppliers, employees, environment and society is crucial in order to make the venture effectively sustainableThus, the major business challenge is not only to generate more profit for the business. We must put into practice a management based on values ​​that enable us to provide the market with efficient, innovative and competitive products / services, and at the same time promote human and social development and environmental protection services.

At Romagnole these values ​​emerged naturally from the founders’ concepts of life and have always been present in everyday businessIt is our duty, managers and employees who are now responsible for the business, the mission to keep putting these concepts into practice in order to ensure that the company stays alive and continues evolving.


Alexandre Romagnole

Chief Executive Officer