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Concrete artifacts

First products developed by the company for the electrical sector, Romagnole’s concrete products are produced with a rigorous quality standard. This product line is composed by poles for electrical grids and power systems, lighting and power input, with square and round models. Crossarms, junction boxes and anchor plates complete the line of concrete products.

Pole line hardware

Romagnole offers the best and widest range of pole line hardware products in the country. These products are made of carbon steel and it can be tube, forged, stamped or casted, and are all hot dip galvanized, which guarantees a greater resistance and durability, even when submitted to extreme climate and environmental conditions.

Medium voltage electric cabins

The result of a long process of development and research, the metal cases for the inflow of electricity have modules for measuring, sectioning, protection and transformation linked to it. The equipment leaves the industry assembled and ready to be energised. It is compact and practical to install.


Romagnole’s distribution and industrial transformers are produced with high quality standards, providing security and efficiency to meet the most varied applications and rigorous energy standards.
All manufactured products are submitted to routine tests before leaving the production.