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Romagnole understands that is also its responsibility searching for sustainable actions to the community where it is inserted, to the society in a general matter and for its stakeholders, as its employees, customers, suppliers.

From this conception, it was established that the defense of the eight millennium development goals would be a priority in all the actions developed by the Social Responsibility Department of the company. Even if this social matters concern has followed Romagnole since its foundation, this compromise became official in 2009, when the company formalized with the United Nations its accession to the Global Pact.


Romagnole has participated in actions, campaigns and corporate social responsibility, sustainability and volunteering, in order to attend the 8 Millennium Development Goals and the Global Pact principles.


Current Projects:



This program aims to contribute with the learning, citizenship and development process of the children who study in the city of Mandaguari (State Of Paraná). Started in May, 2010, the program realizes monthly meetings which has approached topics related to social integration, life quality improvement of the students, parents and instructors. Two schools were already benefited with this initiative, totalizing more than 700 people served.



Created to encourage the sports practice and promote physical, personal and social development of the company employees’ sons and relatives, Athlete Of The Future Program started in July 2010 through a partnership between Romagnole, SESI, The City Hall of Mandaguari and Athletic Association Romagnole (AAR). Around 200 boys and girls with age between 7 and 12 years old who take dancing and soccer classes in the association and participate in the events and competitions inside and outside the company.



To promote culture and to provide leisure moments to the employees and their dependent relatives, Romagnole seeks to promote presentations and cultural shows. These events are made possible with the support offered by the company to the Art and Life Cultural Center (located in the city of Arapongas, in State of Paraná), through the Federal Brazilian Law to support culture, called Rouanet Law.



To attend voluntarily the community, searching to help institutes, non governmental organizations and the community, by donation campaigns and computer classes. This is the nature of the work developed by the Group of Volunteers formed by Romagnole employees. The group holds monthly meetings during the work hours and schedules the actions to be done out of the work hours and at the weekends. The group has 25 volunteers working in favor of some local institutes, which work with teenagers, homeless children and asylum, as Instituto Promocional Jesus de Nazaré, Centro de Apoio à Criança, Adolescente e Família (CECAF) e Asilo São Vicente de Paulo. All of these entities are located in the city of Mandaguari, state of Paraná.



During the year of 2010 Romagnole created the program “Mommy I’m Coming” to contribute with health improvement and life quality of the women employees and employee’s wives during the gestation and the first life months of the babies. In monthly meetings held in the company, professionals from several areas are invited to guide and clarify doubts regarding subjects related to this family life important period.



Since 2010 Romagnole has an income generation program to enable employee’s wives, daughters and mothers who are unemployed, preparing them to develop productive activities which can help with the family income. The courses are taken during one week, always in the afternoon, in the company and are given by volunteers facilitators.



Romagnole seeks to contribute with the elimination of all kinds of discrimination considering job access, job remuneration, job ascension and job permanence. In this sense the company created in 2011 in a partnership with the State of Paraná Industry Federation (FIEP) a dialogue channel which will involve all women that work in the company. This action permits to identify the different realities that exist in the company and helps the People Management Department to develop actions which will improve the work environment and work conditions according to their necessities.



To assist needy families, eliminate or assuage their difficulties is also a concern in Romagnole and one of the actions provided to reach this objective is the Coat Campaigns. Many families were benefited with clothes, shoes and heating blankets collected with the help of inside and outside public of the company.



Educating and guiding the employees and the community regarding the subjects interconnected through the Millennium Development Goals purposes. Based on this, Romagnole started in March 2010 periodic lecture series, whose themes are defined in accordance with the social assistance treatment, identified demand and the Global Pact principles. The lectures are open to all employees, as also to their family and people from the community.